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Linortek designs and builds controllers for the “Internet of Things” (IoTs), a market that involves connecting a vast range of products and systems to a network for remote control, data acquisition and management.

What We Do

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A network-enabled programmable LED display that serves as an effective visual notification system for both routine events and emergency communications.

Netrixx Programmable LED Display - Netrixx

Netrixx IP-Based LED Display

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A network-enabled alert system that delivers live, scheduled, or condition-triggered tones/messages for break time alerts, automated reminders, and emergency notifications.

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Netbell® Timed Alert System

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A network-enabled device that can be used to track industrial equipment runtime data for preventative maintenance, improving operational efficiency and uptime with no monthly subscription fees.


iTrixx® Equipment Hour Meter

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Fully programmable web-enabled I/O controller for IIoT and industrial automation applications.

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Ethernet I/O Controller

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At Linortek, "Made in the USA" is not just a slogan. It’s a promise of exceptional quality and "locked-tight" data security. Our products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and supported by our team in the USA.


About Us

We develop Internet-enabled devices for industrial equipment remote control and data acquisition

Linortek designs, develops, and manufactures web-based controllers that can reliably communicate data across networks with any IoT platform and application. All of our devices are built on secure TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server, using relay switched outputs, opto-isolated inputs and analog inputs, making Linortek devices a great fit for industrial equipment remote control and monitoring in real-time, improving operational efficiency and uptime with no monthly subscription fees.

The Netrixx is a programmable, affordable, IP-based LED display designed to enhance routine and emergency communications for visual mass notifications, daily updates, and emergencies.  Messages can be activated by schedules, digital input data, push switch, or receiving data and commands from third party systems like fire alarms and surveillance systems using RESTful API integration.

Linortek iTrixx® is a self-contained network enabled custom developed device that can be used on most industrial vehicles, ground support equipment and other powered equipment to monitor cumulative usage hours, temperature, voltage and more. This ensures proper maintenance while eliminating the need to physically visit the equipment to collect data.

The Netbell® is a network-enabled device designed for schools, factories, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Users can set up an automatic timed alert system over the network, eliminating the need for wiring and a central control station. It can be used for signaling breaks, emergency notification, automated reminders, and any other timed signal applications.

Linortek Ethernet I/O controllers are built on a standard TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server, relay switched outputs, opto-isolated inputs, and analog inputs. With the Ethernet I/O controller, you can upgrade any standalone physical hardwired device to a network/Internet enabled product, with no third-party server, no additional software required, and no monthly fees.

  • Standalone Device

    Each of our devices is an independent system, with hardware and software for installation and operation are included. For places where a network is not available, you can use it as a standalone device: plug the unit to your PC and configure the software. Disconnect it from your PC, and it will function as programmed.

  • Peer to Peer Device

    All of our devices have built-in remote functions so they can “talk” to each other over the network. This allows you to use one device to control the other based on the input data or output status.

  • Primary and Dependent Device

    In special applications such as the Timed Alert System, you can use one device as the primary controller to control multiple dependent units over the network. This provides a cost-effective solution for locations where running additional wiring is too expensive or not practical.

How to Use Linortek Devices

Linortek devices are created with ease of use in mind. Once you connect the device to your network, it will automatically obtain an IP address from your router. Put the IP address in your browser and access the built-in software from any computer in the network. There is no additional software to install and no programming skills required.

Who We Are, What We Do

Linortek designs and builds controllers for the IoT, helping businesses around the globe connect their products and systems to the Internet for remote control and data acquisition. From the Fortune 500, to small business, to schools, and government agencies,we deliver solutions in a range of scales for multiple unique applications.

At Linortek “Made in the USA” is not just a slogan. It’s a promise of exceptional quality and “locked tight” data security. Linortek’s products are designed, engineered, manufactured and supported by our team in Winston Salem, North Carolina USA.


As we design and develop the hardware and software, we can create a total custom solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to see how we may help you!

What our customers say about us

“I’ve found the network function of the Netbell-Ultra 300 devices particularly useful. Once I install the device for my school customers, I just need to give them the IP address. From there, they can login from their web browser to change schedules if they need to. The ability to store up to 10 sets of schedules is an excellent feature. It’s incredibly useful for the schools and makes schedule changes easy.”

We moved into a new hangar building 1.5 years ago, we had no way to keep track of employees during break time. People were taking advantage of the manual operation – warehouse manager vocal notification, employees coming in late to work or back from break. Efficiency and production were less to due to distractions. We like the Netbell for the ability to log into the server and have remote access, the priced right for the bells / hardware and web setup and no future costs. It’s a great reliable system!”

“As a growing school, our existing solution was no longer capable of meeting our needs. I needed to find a solution that was quickly installed without making any significant infrastructure changes. Netbell is very easy to set up and operate, plugs right into our network and we can set different schedules for each school from a simple web interface, it provides both temporary and long-term solution for future expansion.”

“We are automotive parts manufacturer and have been looking for break bell system to our best fit. Before we started using Netbell, our break times were out of control and cutting into our production.  We needed a bell system that was inexpensive and easy to install with existing network, easy to setup, and easy to change schedules.  Netbell provided all that and more, plus their excellent customer support. Get to result what I am looking for.”

“Forgital USA produces forged and laminated rolled rings used in a wide range of industries. We searched for a fast and accurate way to track spindle times in our machine shop. After conducting a brief online search, we connected with Linortek regarding its IoT Network Meter. Although the solution was originally designed for maintenance, we easily adapted the device to our production needs.

We purchased four IoT Network Meters and installed them on our seven machines. Every time a machine spins, the meter starts recording time. We’re able to detect the date and hours when each machine is producing. All the data we collect helps us build a precise efficiency percentage which has enabled us to increase our productivity and revenue. The device is simple to use and easy to install, and Linortek’s customer service is great.”

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