Our founder, Mr. Gary Nalven, has been involved in the electronics industry his entire career. His customers including PHILLIPS, BOSCH, CREE, SIEMENS etc.

His past experience includes several successful business ventures and start up companies. His first job out of college was working with RCA New Products Division introducing, creating and developing the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security business. Mr. Nalven traveled the world developing and implementing CCTV components at a time when the USA was the innovator and world leader in electronic sales abroad. He traveled extensively and ended up living and working in China for seven years developing product to be sold worldwide. When RCA sold their CCTV division to Philips Inc., he continued on to supply Phillips with equipment of his own design. That same division is now owned by BOSCH Security Systems and continues to sell to this day, systems based on his original work with RCA and Phillips Inc.

In the mid 90s, Mr. Nalven started a new company also called MultiVision and began a collaboration with a company called CREE. CREE was a North Carolina high tech electronics company that was one of the original inventors of the blue LED light. This led Mr. Nalven to the start a company that designed and developed video processing for displays that were made from LED lighting technology. With his product, a video source such as a camera or TV feed could be displayed on an LED screen.  His customers became CREE, Siemens and SACO. He later joined with SACO to start Smartvision because they were better able to finance jobs and had a large manufacturing facility. Smartvision had a very strong start supplying various sizes of LED video displays to U2, the Baltimore Ravens, Celine Dion, NASDAQ and many many more.

These and other ventures have given him a vast amount of development and product design experience. Now, he is using his experience to develop a line of web control devices for industry and agricultural/agrarian environments.

About Gary Nalven