How the Netbell Industrial PA System Helped a Recycling Facility Improve Communication and Safety


In today’s fast-paced workplace, clear communication and safety are essential. This holds true not only in recycling facilities but also in manufacturing and other places where noisy machinery makes communication a challenge. Located in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, a city recycling facility, felt the impact of these challenges firsthand. The facility’s supervisor, Dean Roach, was on a mission, wanted a communication system that could provide appropriate emergency sounds to alert employees throughout the facility, especially for situations like a live shooter.


Before the Netbell Industrial PA System‘s implementation, the facility depended on a handheld air horn for alerting employees during breaks and emergencies. However, this system proved to be inefficient and unreliable, in a place as loud as a recycling facility, the air horn sometimes couldn’t be heard. It also depended on someone being there to use it. Especially during emergency situations, where every second counted, the limitations of manual air horns prompted Dean to seek an advanced solution that could be used to manage break alerts and emergency alarms in an automated way.

Selecting the Ideal Solution

Dean’s search for a smarter communication solution led him to Linortek through a Google search. The Netbell PA system emerged as the perfect fit. Intrigued by the positive feedback and reviews, he reached out to Linortek to learn more. Located just 30 minutes away from Dean’s facility, Linortek took the opportunity to provide an on-site demonstration of their innovative Netbell Industrial PA System.

During the hands-on demo, Linortek showcased the practical capabilities of the Netbell PA system, leaving a strong impression on Dean and his team. The system’s user-friendly features, such as adding schedules from a web browser, activating pre-recorded sounds for specific emergency events using a push switch and enabling live announcements via a wireless microphone, perfectly resonated with Dean’s communication needs.

Following the demonstration, Dean made his decision. Knowing the Netbell PA system would definitely meet their communication demands, he placed an order with Linortek.

Netbell-NTG-H4-30 with weatherproof speakers

A Smooth Implementation

Bringing the Netbell system to life was straightforward. Installation was simple and smooth. The constant voltage system only requires to wire the speakers to the amplifier in parallel with the 2-conductor speaker wires. Dean, and his team with some electric experience, managed the installation without needing professional help. The system seamlessly integrated into the facility’s operations, addressing the noise challenges and streamlining communication.


Time Management Enhancement

With the implementation of the Netbell PA system, the recycling facility saw a significant enhancement in time management. Using the system’s web-based scheduling software, Dean’s team is able to add event schedules from a web browser to automatically alert employees for lunches and breaks.

Automated Training Drills

Training drills, once relied on reminders and manually initiating with an air horn, now can be setup automatically using the calendar-based scheduling function in the Netbell software. With the ability of using custom sounds in the system, Dean’s team set up automated drills for fire, live shooter, and tornado warnings, this ensures that employees are regularly trained on how to respond to these emergencies. And right on schedules, the facility is filled with the sound designated for each drill, reminding everyone it’s time to practice, prepare, and stay alert.

Improved Emergency Response

The Netbell PA system not only provided tools for better time management and training drills but also improved the facility’s emergency response procedures. A set of push-button switches placed in the main office allows for the immediate activation of distinct emergency sounds for fire, live shooter, or tornado alerts. This equips employees with actionable information during critical moments and guides people to safety with up-to-the-minute evacuation directives. Importantly, with the Netbell system in place, the facility now can satisfy the requirements set forth by the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.165 standard, which mandates prompt employee notification during emergencies.

Warehouse paging system industrial pa system commercial sound system

Dean’s Endorsement:

” Our company experience with Linortek has been nothing short of outstanding. The products are very sound and of great quality. The bonus here is the quality of customer service that Linortek provides to their customers. This is something that’s been severely lacking with companies across the board since Covid. Linortek haven’t missed a beat when it comes to their customer service for the customers.”


The Netbell Industrial PA System has helped the recycling facility to overcome its communication and safety challenges. The system is easy to use and provides a wide range of features that meet the specific needs of the facility. Dean Roach and his team are highly satisfied with the Netbell system and would recommend it to other businesses.

For more information on how Linortek’s industrial communication solutions can redefine communication and safety within your facility, please get in touch with us today.

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