Modernizing Bell System with Netbell-2 at Bethune School District R5


Bethune School District R5, located in Bethune, CO, faced ongoing challenges with its outdated bell system. The system relied on a Montgomery Relay and Timer Control, a dated device that fell short on modern features and required a manual setup. This required the use of physical pins for time allocation, and the system failed to adjust for daylight savings time. Moreover, any power outage resulted in an immediate need for system readjustment.

The Challenge

The limitations of the old bell system started causing frustrations among the school leadership. The requirement for regular adjustments to the timer, the pins falling out, and no automatic adjustment for daylight savings time made the system inefficient. The lack of automatic adjustments and the need for continuous manual interventions led the school to seek a more efficient, technologically advanced solution.

The Solution

Mr. Grant Kaster, the Technology Coordinator of Bethune School District, with his background in automation control engineering, decided to look for an updated solution. After extensive online research, he discovered the Netbell-2 Network Bell Controller online.

What stood out about the Netbell-2 were its advanced features, including IP-based bell scheduling, and the ability to remotely change schedules through a web browser, using the device’s IP address. This significantly surpassed the capabilities of their old system. Backed by a safety grant, the school leadership recognized the Netbell-2 as a much-needed upgrade.

Leveraging his professional expertise, Mr. Kaster single-handedly installed the new bell system without the need for external help, thus saving on additional installation costs.

The Result

The implementation of the Netbell-2 was a transformational change for Bethune School District R5. The dry contact outputs of the Netbell-2 flawlessly interfaces with the existing bells. The new system provided the necessary precision, automated adjustments, and easy programming capabilities that were much-needed improvements over the previous system.

One of the significant benefits of the Netbell-2 system was the remote scheduling feature. This provided the school with the capability to adjust the bell schedules conveniently from any location, using just a web browser and the device’s IP address. This was a revolutionary improvement compared to the manual adjustments required with the old system.

The school leadership has reported a decrease in stress levels since the installation of Netbell-2, as it eliminated the need for constant system adjustments. The system’s user-friendly web interface, coupled with its compatibility with the school’s existing infrastructure, despite its age, made it an excellent fit for the school.


The Bethune School District R5’s case clearly demonstrates the transformative power of the right technology. The Netbell-2 Network Bell Controller was able to seamlessly integrate with the school’s existing, historic infrastructure and provide a modern, convenient solution to the previously persistent issue. By embracing the Netbell-2, the school has not only modernized its bell system but also improved the work environment for its leadership, leading to better operational efficiency.