Netbell® Break Buzzer System, A Web-based Timed Alert System With Up To 500 Programmable Event Schedules

A compact, self-contained system provides an easy-to-use BellScheduler desk app for factories to build a fully automated break buzzer system for industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories.

When looking to install or replace a break buzzer system for factories, warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial plants where a high ambient noise level needed, we have self-contained, all-in-one network break buzzer systems for minimum efforts to setup an automatic break alarm system. If you don’t mind doing some wiring work, we offer IP – POE solutions for your consideration. Our buzzer kits can help you build a networked break buzz system at an affordable price. Now it is easy for factories to have a fully automated IP-based timed alert system for signaling shift changes, general alarm breaks and any other timed signal applications in areas of high ambient noise levels.

The Netbell product comes with a built-in real time clock with NTP automatic Internet time setting and gets its time from a standard internet NTP time server. It looks for time every 30 minutes from NTP server by default (users changeable), which maintains the time between requests with a Real Time Clock (RTC) within the main CPU.

In our recent development, you can add a digital clock to the Netbell server, it will synchronize the time with the NTP server. It’s a plug and play solution, no configuration required.