Netbell-NTG Tone Generator PA System Controller

Netbell-NTG Network Audio Message Tone Generator

Built-in Web-based Software for Tone Generating & Event Scheduling

Compatible with Virtually Any PA or Intercom Systems

Emergency Notifications

Break Time Alerts

Regular Announcements

Automated Reminders

Netbell-NTG Tone Generator PA System Controller

Introducing the Netbell-NTG PA System Controller with Audio Tone Generating and Scheduling Software

It`s Compatible with Virtually Any PA System

Nebell®-NTG is a network enabled audio tone generator and PA system controller with built-in web-based software, which is compatible with virtually any Public Address or intercom system. It can be used to add timed alert function to your existing Public Address (PA) System or intercom system, no need to purchase additional equipment for timed alert applications. It’s built on TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server and specially designed hardware/software for audio tone/message generating and scheduling. The emergency tone alarms, pre-recorded voice messages and automated normal operation announcements can be scheduled, condition-triggered throughout the day for break time time alerts, emergency notifications or automated reminders. The Netbell-NTG is the answer to many business audio communications needs.

The Key Features

The innovative Netbell-NTG Audio Tone Generator provides the capability to generate emergency tone alarms, pre-recorded voice messages, and automated normal operation announcements. It’s the great option to any business day-to-day communication applications.

  • Network enabled, no software to install, program from any web browser with the IP address
  • Software and mounting hardware for installation and operations are included, no additional software needed
  • One stereo audio line output, two relay outputs, four digital inputs
  • Built-in 40 standard tones, user recordable messages up to 10 hours if needed
  • Up to 500 programmable weekdays/calendar-based event schedules
  • Built-in real time clock with user changeable NTP setting, automatic Day Light Savings Time and leap year correction
  • Compatible with virtually any public address or intercom system
  • No need to purchase additional equipment for break time and emergency alarms
  • Flexible to change or update messages/tones at any time
  • POE (Power over Ethernet) enabled
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the USA

Case Study

We have worked with many customers, creating simple yet cost-effective audible alarm solutions for break time alerts, live announcements, automated reminders, and more. Check the case studies below to see how you can use the Netbell as a business communication tool to enhance your routine events and handle emergency situations.

Event Scheduler

Schedule Pre-recorded Tone/Message to Play for Break Time or for Regular Announcements with Netbell-NTG Audio Tone Generator

From schools, factories to warehouses and distribution centers, the Netbell-NTG audio tone generator is designed to suit a wide range of applications and purposes. Using the built-in web-based scheduling software, you can easily schedule different tones or pre-recorded messages for break time alarm, no need to invest in a separate bell system. For businesses who need to make regular announcements during the day, you can plan and schedule your content, and easily change the scheduling from your web browser.

It comes with 1GB memory card with built-in 40 standard tones. You can upload your own music source or custom recorded message to the system up to 10 hours (voice message file rate at 44.1K/16bit). 16 tones/messages can be selected/activated by schedule automatically and/or the digital inputs manually.

Warehouse paging system Commercial Sound System Netbell industrial Speaker system audio tone generator

Warehouse paging system Commercial Sound System school intercom system

Condition-Logic Task Builder

Automated Reminders for Public Buildings or Industrial Facilities

For public buildings, retail stores or industrial facilities, our Netbell-NTG audio tone generator can help you deliver friendly reminders asking people to follow physical distancing restrictions either using the scheduling function, or connecting a door contact sensor to one of the digital inputs to trigger the pre-recorded messages. This helps ensure the safety of staff and customers while increasing their comfort and satisfaction. With the RESTful API, you can trigger a pre-recorded notification from a 3rd party system such as a surveillance system.

Emergency notifications

Proper emergency preparation can mean the difference between life and death for your employees and customers in the event of an emergency such as extreme weather or natural disasters. The ability to quickly and clearly inform staff of the emergency and coordinate the appropriate action plan verbally is critical to ensuring everyone’s safety. With the Netbell-NTG PA system controller, you can install emergency switches at different locations of your building, any person on the plant floor/office can press the emergency alarm switch if an emergency is spotted and it will play your prerecorded emergency messages to deliver warnings and guide people to safety with up-to-the-minute evacuation information.

Check our special Case Study today to see how can the Netbell-NTG exceed your expectations!

Warehouse paging system Commercial Sound System Netbell industrial PA system

Netbell-NTG-H6-30 with weatherproof speakers microphone

Netbell-NTG Mutifunction PA System

The Netbell-NTG family now has various speaker systems for different applications. If you are looking for a multifunction PA system that can deliver live, scheduled, or condition-triggered announcements, the Netbell Industrial PA is a great option.  With this system, you can use it for break time alarm, background music, live announcements, emergency alarm and more.

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