Netbell-KBC time clock buzzer system timed alert systemSlide thumbnail
Bell System for Factory/Warehouse
Extra loud easy-to-install break bell system for large industrial working area.
Netbell-4K controllerSlide thumbnail
Bell Controller for Existing Bell System
Programmable web-based bell controller for any break bell systems from low voltage to line voltage.
Netbell-KC school bell system timed alert systemSlide thumbnail
Bell System for School/Office
Programmable web-based bell controller, affordable break bell system for schools and offices.
Netbell tone generatorNetbell-NTG Timed Alert Controller
PA System Controller
Netbell multi-tone generator to generate and schedule bell sounds or custom messages for any PA systems for break time alarm.

Introducing Netbell Timed Alert System

Netbell is a network enabled timed alert system, no software to install on your PC, schedule from your web browser.

The Netbell is built on TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server and special software designed for scheduling a bell system, all software and mounting hardware required for installation and operation are included. With the built-in web interface, you can access, control and schedule bells over the network from a web browser, no additional software or designated computer required, eliminating the need for wiring and control systems. It is a cost-effective solution for schools, factories, warehouses and other facilities to signal start and stop work, lunch breaks, shift changes, as well as using it as employee alarm system to satisfy the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.165 regulation.

  • All-In-One System

    Hardware and software for installation and operation are included, no software to purchase

  • Easy to Install

    Low voltage system, no need to hire professional installer, setup in minutes

  • Cost-Effective

    Program from web browser with the IP address, eliminating the need for wiring and control system

  • Easy to Expand

    Independent system, you can add more units as needed without infrastructure changing

Case Studies

We have worked with many customers, creating simple yet cost-effective audible alarm solutions for break time alerts, live announcements, automated reminders, and more. Check the case studies below to see how you can use the Netbell as a business communication tool to enhance your routine events and handle emergency situations.

Get to Know the Netbell Products

To generate and schedule different tones to play through any existing paging or school intercom system

A network enabled, affordable, easy-to-deploy industrial PA system delivers live, scheduled, or condition-triggered announcements

To replace or upgrade most of the old bell timer systems on the market from low voltage to line voltage.

Extra loud easy-to-install break buzzer system for factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings.

All-in-One affordable and easy-to-install break bell timer system for schools, commercial facilities.

Audible & Visual Alarm System

When an emergency situation arises, having both visual and audible alarms is critical for quickly notifying people of potential dangers. Our Netrixx programmable LED Message Display paired with the Netbell industrial PA system provides an effective emergency alert solution that is easy to set up and use.

Complementing the visual display, the Netbell industrial  PA system broadcasts audible alerts through its high performance speakers. With the ability of storing custom messages up to 10 hours, programmable inputs, and paging capabilities, the simple integration and reliable operation gives you effective emergency communication  when it matters most.

Our Customers Love Netbell Timed Alert System

Linortek Netbell is an ease-of-use network break timed alert system which has been custom developed for schools, factories, warehouses and other organizations that are in need of building a web-based automatic break time bell system.
With the BellScheduler desk app, you can manage & schedule multiple Netbell devices whether in a single building, multiple buildings or multiple locations from one easy-to-use interface, without the need of hard-wiring the bells to a central control station, making the management of your bell systems incredibly easy. Although it is typically used for break time alarm, some customers have used the Netbell system for other applications such as Aquaculture Farm control & monitoring.

We moved into a new hangar building 1.5 years ago, we had no way to keep track of employees during break time. People were taking advantage of the manual operation – warehouse manager vocal notification, employees coming in late to work or back from break. Efficiency and production were less to due to distractions. We like the Netbell for the ability to log into the server and have remote access, the priced right for the bells / hardware and web setup and no future costs. It’s a great reliable system!”

“As a growing school, our existing solution was no longer capable of meeting our needs. I needed to find a solution that was quickly installed without making any significant infrastructure changes. Netbell is very easy to set up and operate, plugs right into our network and we can set different schedules for each school from a simple web interface, it provides both temporary and long-term solution for future expansion.”

“We are automotive parts manufacturer and have been looking for break bell system to our best fit. Before we started using Netbell, our break times were out of control and cutting into our production.  We needed a bell system that was inexpensive and easy to install with existing network, easy to setup, and easy to change schedules.  Netbell provided all that and more, plus their excellent customer support. Get to result what I am looking for.”

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