iTrixx-WFMN-Di Equipment Hour Meter

Netrixx TCP/IP Programmable Message Display

Your Facility's All-in-One Visual Mass Notification Solution

Integrate with sensors/systems to show real-time operational data

Audible and visual notification capabilities when paired with Netbell PA system

Schedule routine employee notifications and daily schedules automatically

Enhance time management with highly visible digital clock/timer functionality

Instantly display critical safety alerts and emergency instructions facility-wide

Netrixx Programmable LED Display
The Netrixx is a TCP/IP programmable LED information display designed for visual mass communication, serving as an effective tool for alarming, safety messages, daily updates, large digital clock/timer, or even congratulating the team. It delivers the right information to the right people at the right place, at an affordable price.

Messages can be activated by schedules, digital input data, push buttons, or by receiving data and commands from third-party systems like fire alarms and surveillance systems through RESTful API integration or MQTT protocol. It’s an effective visual communication solution for digital signage, visual bell schedules, safety and emergency mass notifications, digital clocks, countdown/count-up timers, and much more.

Netrixx Programmable LED Display - Netrixx

    With the built-in web server, you have everything needed for message creation and activation, no additional hardware & software needed, no program skill required. Saving you time, money, and resources.

  • Browser-Based Interface

    Protect your investment with the web-based software for managing your display remotely. Our easy-to-setup display enables you spend less time learning and more time doing.


    The display is TCP/IP enabled out of the box, with built-in support for static IP or DHCP, ensuring easy configuration.


    Netrixx allows for real-time dynamic messages using inputs and MQTT protocol, offering a superior viewing angle compared to most LED displays.


    Take control of your solution with firmware updates, message import/export, and prioritize critical alerts with color, effects like flashing or scrolling, and display duration.


    Easily add or edit messages using our numerous built-in features to create the desired information display.


The Netrixx is designed to enhance routine and emergency communications. It offers flexible programming and integration capabilities, and it is ideal for indoor digital signage applications, as well as for employee alerts and emergency notifications.

Netrixx Programmable LED Display with Break over Message

Post daily schedules

Users can create up to 25 custom messages and schedule when they will be displayed on the Netrixx LED sign. This allows for routine notifications of daily schedules to be shown at set times.

Visual mass notification

Instantly activate pre-programmed emergency messages during a crisis to inform employees about emergency situations, shelter-in-place instructions, evacuation routes, and safety procedures.

Netrixx Programmable LED Display for Warehouse for Large Clock

Countdown timer & digital clock

The Netrixx can function as a large LED digital clock and countdown/count up timer during idle periods. This enhances facility communication and time management by providing highly visible timekeeping capabilities.

Netrixx Programmable LED Display for Factory with Equipment Hour Reading Message

Production counter & hour meter display

By integrating with iTrixx equipment hour meters, the Netrixx displays real-time production output and machine runtime data for floor managers to monitor operations and improve efficiency.

Sensor data displays

The display can be integrated with sensors and other systems via the RESTful API to show real-time data. Thresholds can be set to trigger custom messages when certain data values are reached.

Netrixx Programmable LED Display with Fire Alarm Message

Third-party system integration

The Netrixx can be integrated with third-party systems like fire alarms or surveillance systems, to automatically display pre-programmed messages triggered by events from these connected systems over the network.

Audible & Visual Alarm System

When an emergency situation arises, having both visual and audible alarms is critical for quickly notifying people of potential dangers. Our Netrixx programmable LED Message Display paired with the Netbell industrial PA system provides an effective emergency alert solution that is easy to set up and use.

Complementing the visual display, the Netbell industrial PA system broadcasts audible alerts through its high-performance speakers. With the ability to store custom messages up to 10 hours, programmable inputs, and paging capabilities, the simple integration and reliable operation gives you effective emergency communication when it matters most.

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