Netbell® Network Bell Controller, A Web-based Timed Alert Controller Via “Internet of Things” Technology

A compact, self-contained system provides an embedded, webpage scheduling software for factories to build a fully automated timed alert system.

To control your existing time clock bell system, we are offering multiple options of Netbell Network Bell Controllers, Netbell-2, Netbell-K24, Netbell-K12, Netbell-4K and Netbell-8, which can work with most of the current systems on the market from low voltage to line voltage. Our Network Bell Controller is built on Linortek existing TCP/IP product platform with a built-in web server and special software designed for scheduling a factory or school bell system. The Netbell Network Bell Controller is an ideal solution for schools, factories to upgrade their old fashion bell system to a fully automated web-based timed alert system for signaling class changes, shift rotations, breaks and any other timed signal applications.

The Netbell product comes with a built-in real time clock with NTP automatic Internet time setting and gets its time from a standard internet NTP time server. It looks for time every 30 minutes from NTP server by default (users changeable), which maintains the time between requests with a Real Time Clock (RTC) within the main CPU. There is also a back-up RTC with battery power to maintain time during power interruptions or if not connected to the internet.