KODA 100 Web Relay Controller

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$516.84USD $425.00
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller
KODA 100 Web Relay Controller

KODA 100 Web Relay Controller

$516.84USD $425.00
Model Number: 01-910-00012
Please note: The Koda 100 uses the same hardware with the Netbell-2 (PN#01-910-00014), but doesn't have the bell scheduling software. If you are looking for a device to control bells, you need to order the Netbell-2.
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Manufacturer: Linortek
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KODA 100 is a web-based Ethernet I/O Controller with real time remote control capability, email alerts of various user selectable events. It is built on TCP/IP platform with a built in web server which allows you to access, control and monitor your equipment over the Internet accurately and easily from anywhere. Supplied with up to 16 schedules which are constructed as IF ... THEN statements. IF this THEN do that. In addition the IF term can have 2 elements; IF this LOGIC this ... THEN that. This provides a simple to program and powerful way to take advantage of the data acquired by the KODA SERVER, gives you the ability to have one KODA control another. This capability built into all units allows you to use the input or relay on one device to control a relay on another device over a network, or to take a signal from your main location system, and trigger remote equipment in different locations.

KODA 100 is a housed unit with a DIN rail mountable enclosure (To mount the KODA 100 onto a DIN rail, you will need to purchase a DIN Rail Mount Clip separately). It has 2 relay outputs (1-Form-A relay 48VAC@8A Max), 2 optically isolated digital inputs.

The digital input data can be used to calculate a range of results such as:

State - This is useful for knowing if an input is on or off, like a door switch being on or off.
Counter- Non-resettable/resettable counter.
Frequency - Counts the frequency of an input in KHz (kilo hertz or1/1000 seconds). This could be useful in displaying a tachometer where 60Hz = 1 RPM.
Period - in 1/1000 seconds an input in kHz (milli-seconds or1/1000 seconds). This would be useful for measuring timed events.

In our recent hardware updates, we added an analog input with a mini USB connector to the Koda 100 board to make it easier to monitor the temperature & humidity using an external temperature & humidity sensor.

With POE (Power over Ethernet) enabled, KODA 100 is easy to install and connects through your Ethernet connection without the need for additional power, providing you tremendous cost-savings and flexibility when installing KODA 100 in your control system. KODA 100 includes built in temperature and voltage sensors which you can monitor your system temperature and voltage, KODA 100 also has a built in rechargeable battery for offline time keeping backup.

KODA 100 connections are via removable wire terminal connectors. This simplifies field installation and allows for easy troubleshooting and maintenance, because the unit can be removed from the system without disturbing the system wiring.

KODA 100 is ideal for application such as security, access control, industrial equipment monitoring, building automation system, environmental monitoring, and much more.

Download Product Brochure

Linortek Ethernet IO Controller Brochure (626.8 KiB)

 Each kit includes:

• Koda 100 SERVER
• 1m CAT5 patch cord
• 1A 12V power supply
• Getting started guide

The Key Features

• No 3rd party server and no monthly fees
• Email alerts of various user selectable events
• Multiple events scheduler
• Over 10,000 item log
• Real time clock with NTP automatic internet time setting
• Automatic unit discovery
• Completely configurable network settings including static or dynamic IP
• Built in DYNDNS interface
• Ease-of-use web interface that provides quick access to setup and manage your devices
• System voltage and temperature monitoring
• Input measure state, frequency period, or as a counter
• Built in rechargeable battery for offline time keeping backup
• Program and web page interface are upgradable over the internet
• DIN rail wall mountable enclosure
• POE (Power over Ethernet) enabled
• Removable terminal connector for easy installation
• Web interface w/basic authentication
• Designed, developed and made in USA
• Custom, Semi-Custom, OEM services available

• 10M/100M RJ45 Internet interface with connection and activity LEDs
• 2 1-Form-A relay 48VAC@8A Max
• 2 optically isolated digital inputs, 12V 1mA or pull down switch selectable
• Status LEDs (pulse, bootloader, and locate)
• Ethernet Bootloader (for server hardware code upgrade)
• POE or 12VDC @500mA (nominal)
• AC converter supplied, 100-240VAC50/60Hz
• Reset/ Locate push-button
• Working temperature from 0 to +70 Celsius
• Storage temperature from -40 to +125 Celsius
• Humidity from 10% to 90% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 70mm x 100mm x 25mm
• Supported Protocols: HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/SNTP

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